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The Film

I am trying to raise some funds, which I've realized I will need to complete this film before I die of old age. :) I came up with this story back in 2011 and it's still not done but I'm determined to finsih it. It's stop motion so it's very time consuming and really that is what I need to get it done, time.



I've set up an account on patron, they arrange monthly donations and have update pages with rewards for different levels, kind of like kickstarter or gofundme but for creative people and it's a monthly on going thing, not a one time thing. The lowest amount is $1 a month

If you just want to do a one time donation then paypal is the way to go! Please let me know if I can list your name and/or your donation amount on the patrons page. Every bit helps :)


Monthly: Patreon

One time: Paypal

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