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This is what happens when an artist falls in love with a little bird

I was living in NYC, haphazardly pursuing a career in fine art by selling art on the street, and then, I met a bird.

I've been a sculptor for 20 years but I had never sculpted a bird until after dou dou came to live with me. That was in 2010 and I'm still making birds.

 “dou dou” is a French word that can mean a child’s favorite cuddly toy, it can also mean sweetheart. dou dou is the inspiration for the birds I make. He was the most amazing little creature I have ever known. dou dou made me realize just how aware and alive all living creatures are,  he raised my consciousness, and I miss him terribly.

All of my pieces are made entirely by hand. I make my own clay out of gypsum, paper fiber and a binder, each piece is solid and when dry, as hard as wood.

My work is designed for indoor use but there are ways I can make them weather resistant, but not weather proof. I do replicate previous work but each piece is unique, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

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